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In an era where user needs evolve at breakneck speeds and digitalization pervades every corner of our lives, existing infrastructures are being pushed to their very limits. The advent of topics such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain has only escalated these challenges, heralding a new frontier that demands our immediate attention.

AI foundation

The journey towards effective artificial intelligence is built on three foundational pillars:

- Vast amounts of data, its storage, and rapid access

- Successful and swift algorithms operating on this data

- The robust infrastructure/processing power to orchestrate them all

Our focus has always been on the critical importance of aligning the platforms that AI operates on, from top to bottom, with the right technological and hardware solutions. This alignment is not just a matter of convenience—it's a necessity for elevating AI to its anticipated potential.

In today's context, artificial intelligence might seem overshadowed by the legacy of years' old infrastructure and processor architectures. Yet, only those with formidable infrastructure and data capabilities—namely, global technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and companies deeply invested in R&D—will emerge victorious in this arena.

Many AI startups have reached certain outcomes thanks to their focus on specific domains or problems and the success of algorithms developed to address them. This success is often achieved through advanced analytical (applied analytics) approaches. Unfortunately, more general AI solutions have hit a wall due to infrastructure and data barriers. Today, major entities with extensive infrastructure and data resources, such as ChatGPT, Microsoft, OpenAI, the Microsoft+OpenAI partnership, Google (Alphabet) Gemini, Amazon, NVIDIA, have started to achieve real results.

The smaller players are faced with a choice: consolidate under these giants or disappear with the algorithms they developed.

Sustainability is another critical angle, with the AI infrastructure poised to consume an unprecedented amount of global energy. This reality underscores the indispensability of large data centers and cloud technologies.

Perhaps the most striking development in recent times has been NVIDIA's foray into AI-supported processor technology, a move that has significantly impacted its market standing. NVIDIA's commitment to science—specifically, its investment in developing AI-centric chips—has paid off, illustrating the profound impact of scientific pursuit on technological advancement.

The dawn of Quantum Computing has begun

As NVIDIA elevates the infrastructure and processing power to new heights, the dawn of Quantum Computing has begun to rewrite the rules of technological innovation. Quantum Computing promises to transcend the limitations of classical semiconductor technologies, potentially solving many of today's most intractable problems.

The entrance of Quantum Computers into our lives signals a seismic shift, heralding a future where traditional computer engineering and programming languages will become obsolete. In their place, a new breed of engineering—Quantum Engineering—will rise, grounded in the principles of Quantum Physics. It is clear that:

- Today's computers and the software that operates them, as well as the software languages developed for them, will not be used.

- Algorithms will not be written as they are in these software languages.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, it's clear that the realms of AI and Quantum Computing will be pivotal in steering the course of our technological journey. The rapid growth of companies like Xanadu, PennyLane, and Pasqal in developing quantum computing solutions is a testament to the vibrant ecosystem that's emerging.

Science will always shape the future

In navigating the future, embracing the scientific advancements in AI and Quantum Computing is not just a strategic advantage—it's an imperative. As we venture into this uncharted territory, let us draw inspiration from the pioneers who are reshaping our world, one quantum leap at a time.

It's the perfect time to refresh your reading list with science articles to stay on top and influence what shapes our future

Investing in the future, informed by science and led by innovation, is the only way forward.

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